Synchronicity at play ....

I love it when our artists and makers get the opportunity to meet their customers. We had a wonderful situation a few weeks ago where a beautiful couple were in store and wanted to order a customised silver bracelet from Alastair Mackey, a silversmith whose work we have featured since opening in 2015. It was a very special piece as it was to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary so we spent some time trying to get the measurements right so we could pass on the information to Alastair. And then, in he walks !!

The timing was quite incredible as he hadn't been in store for a few months, and to come in at exactly that time was wonderful for everyone. The couple got to meet the maker of their piece, Alastair got to meet them, plus I got to confirm the sizing information we had prepared. This shot is of the beautiful bracelet he made for Jenny who is now wearing it very proudly, along with her ring and earrings from Alastair which she purchased on the same day. Sometimes, things are just meant to be !!  

* Note : Alastair's jewellery is not currently on the website but we are working on getting some pieces loaded in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please drop in to see his range in store, or contact me for additional information. 

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