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The most refined of the crew, Vara leads with simplicity and stays true to classical combing. SAGE Quintessential signature extra-wide comb teeth encourage gentle haircare for all hair types. Wooden combs come ‘anti-static’ – translating to low fuss detangling, less breakage, splitting and frizz and smooth self-massaging. Vara’s smooth curves and polished ends offer holistic, multi-purpose benefits. Use any side of the comb to perform head massage, facial scraping, acupressure, or manual massage.  

SAGE Quintessential tropical sandalwood combs come extremely durable – around FOUR times the thickness of your average comb.  Vara is designed in a convenient, lightweight, pocket-size – the comb comes handy for maintenance on the move. After your SAGE, expect to feel naturally more relaxed and invigorated.

Vara is made from red sandalwood, which is naturally aromatic, with a mildly warm scent that is revitalising. The same thing that accounts for the scent, is the same quality to thank for Vara’s brilliant red lustre – a kino-resin-rich essence also known as ‘dragon’s blood’. When left to sift, natural oils in the wood flocculate on the surface of the comb as crystallised “white fuzz” – mimicking the texture of sage herb. This is a natural phenomenon of this tropical sandalwood variety – only authenticating its dynamic, ‘alive’ nature – to be gently wiped clear.

Your red sandalwood comb will darken in colour throughout the years as the resin oxidises with exposure to air & light – reaching a deep, dark burgundy, near black appearance.

As you transform & heal with age & wisdom, Vara will join you on the journey of a lifetime.

Measurement: 10cm x 6cm approx.

Your SAGE self-healing instrument is thoughtfully homed in a bamboo-lined, flax-linen pouch with screen printed logo. Our sandalwood range honours the traditional handicraft of Anhui, provincial China. Every piece is crafted whole out of solid pieces of Green Sandalwood (taxon: Bulnesia Arborea). Please note- grain & colour of wood varies as each comb is of a uniquely precious nature.

To effectively cleanse of grease and dirt while maintaining the wood’s natural lustre, polish your tool clean with a neutral oil often. We enjoy jojoba, flaxseed and argan oils. AVOID soaking in water and exposing to high temperatures. Dry after use on wet hair.

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