Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger

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The Tasmanian Tiger officially became extinct on 7th September 1936, after the last Thylacine passed away at Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania. But even so, allegedly, the Tasmanian Tiger was spotted in the wild even up until the 90s. There are even some who believe the Thylacine still exists. 

Our new Tasmanian Tiger is made from 3mm Corten steel which is designed to develop a deep orange-brown patina over time. This gives them long term protection against the elements, and a personality that changes with the seasons. Simply install it in your garden bed or lawn or use the pegs horizontally to place it on any surface so you can enjoy our Australian animal art.

Material: 3mm Corten steel, designed to age beautifully and develop a dark-brown patina over time. 

Size: 38cm x 27cm

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