Superb Lyrebird - XL

Superb Lyrebird - XL

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The Superb Lyrebird is an incredible mimic who can imitate not only the calls of birds in its environment but also barking dogs, car alarms and even mobile phones! With such talent, it's no surprise that this vibrant bird has been famed for centuries as one of nature's greatest showmen. The male will strut about on stage with his tail feathers fanned out before him while he hops around singing charming tunes to attract females from miles away - few are able to resist their allure!

As the 3rd bird in our BirdLife Australia Collection, 10% of each Lyrebird Metalbird sold will go to support Birdlife Australia’s mission of achieving outstanding conservation results for our native birds and their habitats.  

Please note: This Superb Lyrebird is not supplied in Metalbird packaging, it is bubble-wrapped for safe shipping.

Our Lyrebird is:

  • 59cm high by 40cm wide
  • Crafted in 3mm Corten® 'weathering' Steel to form a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons
  • The perfect gift while supporting a great cause


*** Please note, due to the size of our Emu, standard $10 shipping DOES NOT APPPLY. Please contact us for freight quote to your area.  Thanks, Linda


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