Wombat - Ngarga Warendj

Wombat - Ngarga Warendj

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NEW to Present Story, the wonderful art of Mick Harding, showcasing Mick's signature South Eastern Aboriginal Animal designs as stunning metal art creations. 

"Warriin the Wombat is a solitary fella. He is a vegetarian who spends most of the dayin his burrow and feeds at night. In one of our Taungwurrung creation stories, Warriin and Marram the Kangaroo were good mates.   

One day they had a fight because Warriin would not let Marram into his burrow, Marram cut off Warriin tail with his axe.Warriin was so mad he threw a spear at Marram, and this became stuck in his back end and is now his tail.

Aboriginal art in Victoria is unique in its symbolism. It links with our stories and songlines like fingers reaching out to other areas of Australia.

When I create something I express my cultural integrity in place, be respectful of interpretation of my culture, and share my story as a Taungwurrung Kulin (Aboriginal man from my traditional country)."  - Mick Harding

Material: 3mm Corten Steel – designed to rust on the surface (without corroding) and age beautifully over time.

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