TLD - English Breakfast

TLD - English Breakfast

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From The London Drum - Very Good Tea !

Our English Breakfast has been carefully hand blended using high quality Assam GFBOP, Ceylon BOP1 and Kenyan TGFOP1 tea. This creamy tea is robust and bright, with hints of malt and citrus in the cup. Beautiful with a splash of milk or perfect on its own. Strong enough in flavour to accompany a savoury breakfast or to balance a sweet treat.

Tea type: Black
Origin: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya.
Aroma: Malt, biscuit
Taste: Malt, Creamy, citrus 
Pairings: breakfast foods, sandwiches, sweet desserts

Leaf: 1.5 teaspoons per cup
Temp: 100*C
Time:  2 - 4 minutes

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