TLD - Earl Grey

TLD - Earl Grey

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From The London Drum - Very Good Tea !

Our Earl Grey tea is uplifting and fresh, Black tea leaves from the cool misty tea gardens of Sri Lanka have been delicately scented with oil of bergamot creating a medium bodied and wonderfully fragrant tea.
Brew for a shorter amount of time and add a slice of lemon for a light and refreshing tea, or brew longer and add milk for a robust cup. Earl Grey can be paried beautifully with white fish or citrus desserts.

Tea Type: Black (scented)
Origin: Sri Lanka
Aroma: citrus
Taste: Citrus, spice, bright
​Pairings: white fish, shellfish, cream or citrus desserts

Leaf;   1.5 teaspoons per cup
Temp;  100C
Time;   2 - 4 minutes

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