Sin-Ko-Nah     Tonic Syrup

Sin-Ko-Nah Tonic Syrup

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A bittersweet mixer for the discerning drinker, Sin-ko-nah tonic syrup will have you making the best G&Ts in town.

Made to a recipe formulated in the 1820s, Melbourne-based company Sin-ko-nah have introduced a tonic syrup that will invigorate your G&Ts. The syrup is made from real cinchona bark – the natural source of quinine – which is touted to treat a raft of ailments from gastric disorders and fevers, to cramps and the flu. But what we really love is the authentic, inimitable flavour profile, which makes it delicious with or without an accompaniment. While the syrup is typically blended with gin and soda, it can also be used to flavour cocktails and is surprisingly tasty drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or used to dress meats and salads.

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