Scratch Dinosaurs
Scratch Dinosaurs

Scratch Dinosaurs

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The dinoriffic Scratch Dinosaurs art set is one of the most fun ways for children who love dinosaurs and have a love for arts and crafts to let out a huge roar and really have some fun.


With this amazing set, children can bring to life all kinds of awesome dinosaurs. There is a t-rex, a stegosaurus, a triceratops, and more. In total there are 18 different foil art scratch pictures for children to make. These will have a really cool and fun rainbow style to them that will really make them pop. Included inside of the box is a selection of picture frames so that children can hang their favorite ones on their bedroom wall or even give one as a gift to a special friend or family member.

As well as the 18 pictures and selection of picture frames. Included inside the box for this Scratch Dinosaurs set is a child-safe scratch tool that makes bringing these dinosaurs back to life fun, easy, and something that is very different from the usual coloring in a picture. Any child who likes to have fun with arts and crafts and loves the world of dinosaurs is going to have a great time with this set.


Key Features:

  • There are 18 pictures from them to make with this set
  • Included are a set of picture frames so they can keep their favorites forever!
  • A great arts and crafts set for kids who love dinosaurs
  • The scratching tool is designed with children in mind
  • A fun way for children to express their creative side

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